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Management Team

CEO Mr. Debendra Bahadur Basnet Chief Executive Officer
DCEO Mr. Ghanashyam Thapa DCEO/Head HR & General Service Department
audit Mr. Bhoj Raj Phuyal Manager/Head Internal Audit Department
account Mr. Shyam Bahadur Gurung Manager/Head Account & Finance Department
monitor Mr. Purna Prasad Poudel Act. Manager/Head Monitoring and Supervision Department
loan&credit Mr. Khem Narayan Regmi Deputy Manager/Head Loan and Recovery Department
monitor Mr. Bijay Kumar Lamichhane Senior Officer HR and General Service Department
loan&credit Mr. Indra Bahadur Gautam Senior Officer Internal Audit Department
it Mr. Narayan Bahadur Budhathoki Senior Officer Loan and Recovery Department
monitor Mr. Yogananda Khanal Officer East Region Monitoring Unit
loan&credit Mr. Sushil Poudel Officer Loan and Recovery Department
it Mr. Chetan Bhattarai Officer/Head IT Department
monitor Er. Navin Adhikari Officer Internal Audit Department
loan&credit Mrs. Aarati Bhandari Junior Officer Mid Region Monitoring Unit